The Curated NY Announces Pop Up Shop Partnership with TOPSHOP

The Curated NY Announces Pop Up Shop Partnership with TOPSHOP

Lauren Decker and The Curated NY are thrilled to announce a limited engagement popup shop in New York City with renowned brand TOPSHOP.

Her popup inside TOPSHOP will feature her unique line of hand stamped cuffs and bar necklaces. All items will be customized on the spot. Shoppers will get to choose from the following finishes: silver, rose gold, yellow gold, and her classic brass cuff.  

"I remember visiting TOPSHOP in London back in 2006 and dreaming about being a designer carried in their store. This was a dream of mine long before I was even in the jewelry biz. I just knew I wanted to be a part of a fun and fashionable brand that is always on point when it comes to forward and fun fashion design,” said Decker. “This is really an amazing opportunity, and I am ecstatic about being a featured pop up shop in both the Soho and Fifth Avenue NYC locations during the biggest gift giving season of the year. Dreams do come true!"

Aptly including “Curated” in its name, the line warrants the notion that each piece is meticulously chosen by Lauren to be a part of the collection.  

“Each of the cuffs from The Curated Line are minimal and easy to wear with just about anything. I even wore mine on my wedding day,” notes Decker. “My designs run on inspiration mostly from my daily life and pop culture. The option to customize is key because I want customers to find value (personal, humorous, or otherwise) in the cuffs they wear daily.”

Decker believes jewelry creates a memorable moment because people associate pieces with the person who gifted it to them and the memories surrounding the gift.

“I think there is always cause for celebration. Giving or receiving gifts, especially jewelry, is a universal experience,” said Decker. “I also feel you should treat yourself! Sometimes the reason for a new piece of jewelry is simply because you deserve it.”

A short train ride leaving from Grand Central Station invites visitors to part ways with the hustle of Manhattan and visit Beacon, NY where The Curated NY and a new brick and mortar shop are headquartered in a converted hat factory. The shop features the celebrated collection of cuffs and heirloom quality fine jewelry. The Curated NY will also house carefully chosen pieces of art in a gallery wall like fashion. 

“I pursue designing and selling my jewelry for the simple reason that it makes me happy. It wasn’t until later that I realized I could make money from it too,” said Decker. “I support other small businesses for the same reason. You should not need permission to follow your passion, nor should you let others label it as a ‘hobby’.”

Decker’s designs have been sold to over 40 boutiques, to customers in all 50 states, 15 different countries, and both she and her brand have been featured on BuzzFeed, Bustle, Dose, and The Huffington Post to name a few.

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